Why Choose Us

Why Gasqet?


Whether you want your plumbing supplies quickly, you want your work to last longer, or even if you want to make your business eco-friendly with recycled bird spikes, Gasqet is your next supplier!




Super-Fast Supply


SameDay Collect is a feature of our platform that magically teleports your grommets, washers and more to Gasqet stations located in hardware and home improvement stores, garages and other partner organisations.

This means your order can be ready in as little as 10 minutes!



    Super-Strong Washers & Seals

    Because are products are made of stronger material, they allow a much tighter seal that secures much higher pressure than normal rubber washers.

    Trust us, they're not going anywhere!




      Really Recycled Products

      We handle all parts of our supply chain, so we can say with confidence that our products are made from fully recycled plastic, collected from partners throughout the UK.

      Using Gasqet means delivering a reliable service that helps other UK businesses manage plastic waste more effectively.




      Still Have Questions?

      Visit our FAQ page for more information.