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The future Zero-Waste store

Gasqet.com is a slick new way to buy supplies and products for products, DIY,  haberdashery and construction.

All our products are obtained from sustainable sources. Perfect for climate conscious makers, decorators, plumbers and tradespeople. 
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Gasqet.com began after disappointment with conventional supplies. We saw the opportunity to plug a gap in the sustainability of conventional rubber and plastic supplies, cut out all freight and transportation and provide the closest thing to teleporting products to where they're needed.

We realised that reclaimed material was a great way to source raw materials and could help solve several problems at once!



As a purposeful organisation, we are really into proving that profit doesn't have to cost the earth.

Our high performance washer and gasket technology, available with a much lower carbon footprint, travel no more than a few miles from manufacturing to your home and where our deliveries use electric fleets or cycle couriers. 


Durability & High Performance

Washers after a torture test. 100 traditional neoprene washers failed

Because Gasqet uses different polymers to traditional neoprene or nitrile. These are cheap, but are made from crude oil and go through 5 high-energy stages before it becomes a washer or gasket. Traditional gaskets also split at relatively low tensile stresses. Meaning you have to have lots of different types of washer for the same dimensions, each for different uses. 

Gasqet washers remove that need. Each standard DIN washer is made from a bio-material that is durable, less complex to manufacture, is recyclable, biodegradable and has wide performance profile. The same material can be used in hydraulic systems as domestic plumbing. Outstripping traditional washer pressure seals by 40% and offering an almost 4x higher tensile strength improvement. Making it much less likely to split and lasts a lot longer. Our tests have found that the washers are likely to last a lifetime. Meaning you only need to fit them once!

"Can lasts for the lifetime of the house!"



Our Planet Deserves Better

Our green mission proves being sustainable is better for everyone! We don't believe there is a conflict between business and the climate. We are signatories to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have published a charter which lets you know what we have committed to. 




Pneumatic applications

Where it All Began!

While working on solving the NHS PPE crisis during the pandemic, our innovation team found identified that health products emit between 3 and 10 times its weight in CO2 through manufacture, delivery and disposal. By creating medical devices using sustainable materials and making them in decentralised factories using additive manufacturing, almost all of that CO2 could be dropped to zero.

Gasqet grew out from the same team who built Automedi, the world's first decentralised healthcare manufacturing appliance. Providing a backup supply chain in the case of current and future pandemics and delivering humanitarian supplies into disconnected communities. 

They saw the potential to go further. Replacing lots of home and commercial property fixtures with additive manufacturing equivalents. Especially in unseen contexts like washers. They carried out R&D and Gasqet was born. 



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