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Why Gasqet?

Gasqet provides durable products that are delivered straight to you, quickly and affordably. All of our products are much stronger and longer lasting than traditional neoprene or rubber washers, while also being entirely recyclable and created locally & sustainably.

 Unlike the larger retailers, with Gasqet you know that the products you're getting will always be of high quality, made from the same local sources, and available in a reliable timeframe.





Flat Rubber Washers available in various sizes



• Hold 40% more pressure than classical neoprene washers and supports 200% more tensile force




    Grommets designed for wiring and electrical shielding, with more durability than classic rubber grommets. 



    • Hyper-durable

    • Sustainable materials




      Pigeon Deterrent

      Bird spikes, designed to be animal friendly but also to keep birds away and walls clean & free of droppings



      • Can be coloured using outdoor paints, markers and silicon sprays

      • Size: 100 x 25 x 40mm (Pack of 2)



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