ReallyRecycle "Pay-as-you-Throw" Bag

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Traceable collection bag for homes and small business. Ideal for schools, colleges and community groups. Save up to 90% on other services! 

Put all your other plastics in this bag. No need to segregate. Perfect for plastics that councils won't recycle. We use a unique circular economy that turns it into sustainable, alternative commodity products we sell. While keeping track of emissions savings for a greener, cleaner planet. 

SPECIAL EXTRA: Donations to nature based solution for each bag!

How it Works

Using it couldn't be easier! Simply stack it, seal it, send it!

  1. Stack it with clean plastic 
  2. Seal the bag with the enclosed water activated ribbon 
  3. Scan the QR code for pick-up (included)
  4. We collect, recycle and make products

Keep track of how much good you've done on the ReallyRecycle website. Suitable plastics include rice trays, yoghurt pots, empty medicine pots, chairs, tables, microwave ready meal trays, broken boxes and more! Anything that can fit in the bag. 

Dimensions: 30cm (diameter) x 80cm high (60cm usable height)