ReallyRecycle "Pay-as-you-Throw" Bag

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Traceable collection bag for homes and small business. Collect plastics councils won't. Offers a cost-effective alternative for homes, schools and colleges. Saving up to 90% on other services! 

Perfect to collect plastics that councils won't. Recycled through a unique circular economy and turned into sustainable, alternative commodity products. While keeping track of emissions savings for a greener, cleaner planet. 

Nature restored for every bag returned!

How it Works

Using it couldn't be easier! Simply stack it, seal it, send it!

  1. Simply fill with clean plastic packaging like rice trays, yoghurt pots, empty medicine pots, microwave ready meal trays, broken boxes and more!
  2. Seal the bag with the water activated adhesive ribbon enclosed
  3. Scan the QR code to for free pick-up
  4. When we get it back full, we recycle it and donate to organisations focused on natural regeneration.

Keep track of waste collections and how much good you've done on the accompanying website. 

Dimensions: 30cm x 80cm (60cm usable height)